We The People wouldn't be possible without the expert judges who volunteer their time and knowledge to help students excel and succeed in this program. Past judges have included We The People alumni, teachers, School Board members, attorneys, local professionals, elected officials, tech entrepreneurs, constitutional scholars, doctors and more.


Thank you for all you do to further quality civic education! - Cheryl Cook-Kallio, California State Coordinator



Sean Gentry

Beck Mankowski

Sabrina McGraw

Jessica Matlock

Kathryn Drewry

Olivia Sanwong

Eric Arias

Danielle Montgomery

Robert Richmond

Kari Reichert

Ben Glickman

Subha Rengarajan

John H. Deist

Katie Keeshen

Trisha Brown

Owen Shaw

Clint Woods

Susan Jorgensen

Tim Moore

David Martinez

Heidi Stepp

Vikram Sreekanti

Peggy Herndon -  Administrator

Dave Cook - Photographer

Nathan Kallio -  Staff volunteer

Lauren Kallio - Logo and Web

Mia Tolles - Timer